RELEASE DATE : 09/02/2015
Greek-Cypriot DJ/Producer Yodis kicks off the the new year with a stunning Balaeric-minded EP on Magic Island Records. 
Monolog, the first track of the EP, will get you into a trance state from the very moment you press play. The second track, Catching Fire consists of the perfect combination between the engalic vocals of Christina Maria, which will capture your senses, and the grooving bass-lines by Yodis, which will make you want to throw your hands up in the air. Don’t miss out on this ray of sunshine music!

Played by:
Roger Shah @ Music For Balearic People
Giuseppe Ottaviani @ GO On Air
Manuel Le Saux @ Top 20 Tunes  
Andy Durrant @Transmission
Pedro Del Mar @ Mellomania Vocal Trance Anthems
and more..